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QTetraMesher 0.8.3 – 10 years birthday!

2023-12-16 – 16:23

After a puny 10 years of development the QTetraMesher project has reached version 0.8.3!

Download: QTetraMesher Windows x64 binary build
Source: https://github.com/dennis2society/qtetramesher

Release Notes


  • Full CMake build! All projects can now be built with CMake. (Pretty easy on Linux, but a PITA on Windows… )
  • Significantly improved mesh surface mesh loading + speed:
  • Replaced old trimesh2 C library with Assimp library
  • New mesh formats available for import
  • Fixed surface normal generation (damn.. the old one was so slow… )
  • libQGLViewer is now included in the repository

Failed experiments

  • quartettetrastuffing is very unstable on meshes more complex than primitives…
  • There is now a preliminary but currently deactivated option to use Tetgen tetrahedralization which is disabled, too, because of random errors on Linux… :/


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