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Android EZBridle

Sunday, August 14th, 2011

EZBridle Screenshot Interactive Mode

EZBridle Screenshot 01

EZBridle is a free Android application for calculating 2-point rigging suspensions aka. bridles.


  • Interactive Mode: Drag the beams and the A-pack to match your measures and steel lengths.
  • Manual Mode: Manually enter all relevant parameters (beam heights, distances and chain length). This might be useful for fine-tuning your parameters or for people with fat fingers…
  • Automatically calculate the resulting bridle’s angle (maximum allowed angle is ~130┬░).
  • Preserves maximum chain length, i.e. there will be no stinger(the yellow┬áline) unless your chain-length is exceeded.
  • No questionable permissions required! This means it will work offline (no internet connection required) and won’t access GPS data, contacts or personal data.
  • No advertising!

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